Dr. Kavita Shah, Psychiatrist

License and Certification:

Dr. Shah graduated from Grant Medical college in Mumbai, India. She completed her psychiatric residency at University of Illinois at Chicago in 2000 and is board certified from the American college of psychiatry and neurology. She works part time in the field of public psychiatry at Dupage Health Department. She is also an Assistant Clinical Professor at Rosalind Franklin University. She enjoys working in the field of both public and private psychiatry.

Office Hours: Wednesdays 9:00-2:30pm
Saturdays 9:00am-1:00pm (1st and 3rd )
Accepting New Referrals: YES
Ages of patients: 18 and above
Insurance Panels if known
Therapy Style: Bio psychosocial model to treat psychiatric illnesses as well as Psychopharmacology
Specialties: General Psychiatry