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Update during COVID-19
Conventions Psychiatry & Counseling continues to provide services via tele-health to New and existing patients.
Our staff and providers are here to help you, and your loved ones, through this difficult time.  Please call us today to schedule a tele-therapy session.  Be sure to ask about same-day appointments.

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Psychiatry Services

We have a team of licensed and board certified psychiatrists, advanced practice nurses and physician assistants. Our medical staff are well-liked and respected by our patients and community. Our team provides exceptional care to all age groups at our outpatient clinic. They also treat patients in chemical dependency programs, and provide the psychiatric care for residents in nursing homes and assisted living environments.

Our Therapy Services

Our licensed clinical psychotherapists provide care with multiple therapeutic modalities. Our expert clinicians conduct comprehensive assessments and develop treatment plans to address the needs of individuals, couples and families.  We are also excited to offer groups that further educate patients about diagnoses, and teach healthy emotion regulation skills.

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Our Psychiatrists

We have a great group of licensed and certified psychiatrists who are well liked by our clients and community.

Our Therapists

Our highly-trained licensed clinical therapists provide personalized care to every one of our clients.

Our Administration

Our administration staff goes above and beyond to make sure your experience exceeds your expectations.

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Asking for help isn’t always easy ….. and reaching out for the first time can be a little scary.  Please take that first step and get in touch with us.  You’ll find the attentive, compassionate and professional help you deserve.

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