About Us

Empowering people through education and use of evidence-based medicine

Our Mission

Is to empower people through education and evidence based medicine.

Our Vision

To establish a medical community that can help people with the best possible care in behavioral health and to achieve total well being of individuals.


Conventions Psychiatry & Counseling is an out patient clinical services for behavioral health. We have licensed and board-certified psychiatrists, licensed and certified advanced practicing nurses and physicians assistants, licensed and certified psychologists and social workers working closely with our clients. Our clinicians are equipped to help our clients from simple education and guidance to get help from community resources to intensive outpatient assessment and psychotherapy to complex biological and medication management in outpatient and inpatient settings.


Our Core Values

  • Listen and Respect
  • Care and Comfort
  • Educate and Empower
  • Heal and Health

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